SSW Associates is a Bangkok-based Interior design and architecture firm specialized in hospital and residential office design. Love and passion for what they do is what keeps them going.

“What is the best thing about having your own business? Freedom of time. Which actually is not really true because I never stop working.”

“A lot of my friends inherited businesses from their parents – it is very common here. There is a Chinese saying “Wealth does not pass three generations” so if you inherit a company, you can either build on it, maintain it, or waste it. By the third generation often the family business dies.”

“What I have learned in 13 years is that you have to ask that blunt question and check “ what are you doing this for?” would you like to do this tomorrow? If you don’t what to do it tomorrow, then just walk away. If you know for sure that this is what you want to do when you wake up in the morning, then just do it. Then eventually you will see the returns of what you have planted.”

“When I have a bad day, I talk to my husband – he was a coach – I pray, and I meditate. I also go to the Dalai Lama facebook page, I love it. I walk and I just breath. If it’s really bad and nothing would do, I will read Thairath. My sister always says ‘If you haven’t ended up on the cover of Thairath, your life is good.”

“If you had to go back, is there anything you would do differently?” “Can I say not working with my parents?”

Company: SSW Associates
Location: Bangkok
Founded: 2002
No of Employees: 6 Woman led