MONEY & MORE: What is a Budget?

The key components within a budget are important to understand when starting your business. Learn the terms and elements here before diving into our videos on how create an operating budget and use excel to it’s full potential.

MONEY & MORE: Why Do We Need a Budget?

Why is it important to set a budget when starting your business? Watch to find out more.

MONEY & MORE: Budgeting Exercise

Knowing how to making your own budgeting spreadsheet is crucial to anyone planning to start their own business. In this video, learn how to use excel to it’s full potential when generating a business budget.

MONEY & MORE: Demystifying Finance

The concept of Finance has been mystified so much it can be overwhelming and intimidating. When, really, finance is at the root of everything we do. The principle of Finance can help businesses allocate time and resource, and achieve goals.

MONEY & MORE: Revenue and Cost

Revenue and cost, the crucial ingredients in calculating a break-even point. Understand the differences between variable and fixed costs enables businesses to determine how much they can charge to make up for the total bill or even to make a profit.

MONEY & MORE: 2 Types of Breakeven

Before knowing how long it will take to recover the initial costs — investment, net profit, and payback period — entrepreneurs are encouraged to understand if they are making or not. Understanding the operating break-even can help them with just that.

MONEY & MORE: Breakeven Exercise

Breaking down the steps to calculate your break-even point using both traditional and intuitive formulas. Learn how much you can charge to cover all costs and if your businesses can practically expand and compete in the market.

Glyn T. Davis Interview

US Ambassador Glyn T. Davis releases an interview on the importance of supporting women entrepreneurs and how this fits with the US government’s strategy in Thailand. (In picture, Mr. and Ms. Davies