Dr. Ulrike Guelick
Senior Researcher & Lecturer, Bangkok University

Dr. Guelich holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship and a Master in Business Administration and brings over 25 years of experience as a female entrepreneur (4th generation in a family business) in two sectors: (1) a 24/7 manufacturing plant in the brick industry and (2) software supplier for the control of gluing robots in the automotive industry.

She leads the research in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Project in Thailand contributing to the global GEM research project, initiated by Babson College, USA and London Business School, UK ( She is currently senior researcher and lecturer at Bangkok University, Bangkok / Thailand and visiting faculty at several universities. In 2014, she was visiting faculty in the World Bank funded WomenX program at Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, Pakistan ( She is currently supporting the “Women Entrepreneurship” program of the EE-Net (Entrepreneurship Education Project) of UNESCO-APEID, Bangkok / Thailand.

Prior to joining Bangkok University during her years as an entrepreneur, Ms. Guelich held leading positions in German business organizations. Besides others, she was an executive board member of VDU Hesse (Association of female entrepreneurs), Managing Director of the German Ceramics and Crafts Association, and commercial judge at the district court. In the last year, Dr. Guelich authored and co-authored several reports on Entrepreneurship in the Asian region, such as the ASEAN Regional Entrepreneurship Report 2014/15 on Driving ASEAN Entrepreneurship: Policy Opportunities for Inclusiveness And Sustainable Growth, an ASEAN Women Entrepreneurship Report for UNESCAP, and 2016 GEM Policy Recommendations.