Ms. Shannon Kalayanamitr

Ex-Management Consultant and Investment Banker at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Lehman Brothers, covering Asia
ex-Japan and China, Shannon found her niche in International Business Development, Project Management, Marketing, Build Out and Execution. During recent years, she was able to marry her passion for events, entertainment with work and started Iconic Media, with focus on media, events, concert and festivals, integrating TV formats and media applications such as Asia’s Next Top Model and the like.

In 2012, Shannon, along with 2 founding partners, started MOXY, an integrated End-to-End eCommerce Platform, -which became Thailand’s top online lifestyle store in Thailand. In 2014, MOXY was acquired into the MOXY Group [formerly What’s New Group Asia], an Ardent Capital backed venture, joining its other 4 lifestyle ecommerce verticals – Petloft, Venbi, Sanoga, and Lafema, and rebranding all 5 websites under one umbrella – MOXY. Shannon has joined as its Group Chief Marketing Officer, also overseeing expansion and growth in ASEAN. Indonesia launched in July 2015. Look out for MOXY, the only lifestyle online destination for all things women. MOXY aims to Be a Woman’s Best Friend, Empowering Women in making their Journeys in Life, Live up to its Fullest Potential.

Shannon remains active in the Non Profit Sector, raising awareness and funds via celebrities and socialites with good causes, ranging from Scholarship Programs and Aiding the Fishing Rehabilitation Projects during the Andaman Tsunami Disaster in 2005 to being an active participate in Community Education Projects topics from Tech to Women Entrepreneurship and Women Issues. Shannon is a mover and a shaker, passionate about building businesses and deeply connected in areas of Government, Entertainment and Media, and Business Sectors of Thailand and in Asia.