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Ms. Ploy Lumthong (Zae)

Zae is a creative designer who graduated with honours from EPSAA University in Paris in 2010. She came back to work as an Art Director at BBDO Bangkok and McCann Workgroup (MRM Worldwide) before turning herself into a freelance designer. She received the Design Excellent Award (DEMARK) in 2012. Currently, she owns a design company C’est Design that is filled with passion and power of creativity. She has worked with major brands, including SYNTEC, DTGO, TMB, True Vision, ModernNine, Jarken and designed the theme for the 2014 and 2015 Thailand Toys Expo.

Other than designing, Zae is also a guest lecturer in creativity, branding and designing for leading universities. She also organised “The Outstanding Kid” seminar as a place to gather young generation people who have a strong passion and a great dream, and the “Pirates to the Moon” seminar, together with Mr. Rawit Hanutsaha, to pass on their creative power so Thais can “think to reach the moon,” set a goal and work towards it without giving up. She also co-host “Tiew TECH” show on NOW channel (Bangkok Biz News) that believes technology makes life easier, interviewed various leading start up gurus in the country for applications like Uber, Builk, Taam-Kru, Wongnai, and was one of the judges for the ADMAN Award in the design category in 2014. Zae’s 2nd book “โลกต้องเห็น” (Let the World See You), about finding greatness in oneself and showing it to the world, will be released this October.

These days Zae continue to pursue her dreams restlessly, with the desire to become an inspiration for the young generation to become a good role model for the society.