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Ms. Phatchariya Archvichai

Patty is a fashion designer graduate from Bangkok University. She started HappyPills during her senior year in college after a string of other successful, short-term entrepreneurial experiences, such as importing sunglasses from the US and making her own brand of sweaters. While experimenting with fabric printing with the intention of making a toy for her dog, she created her first, now widely-known Hamburger pillow. Encouraged by her friends and social media followers, she invested her pocket money to produce her first collection of 70 3D pillows in different designs, which sold out in only one week. She now has both retail and wholesale operations and sells online, directly and through platform such as Etsy, as well as in several malls in Bangkok, and has distributors in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, and New Zealand. Each HappyPills design comes with a story of its source of inspiration and stands true to Patty’s mission of bringing a happy smile to all of her customers.