Karin Lohitnavy
Master Connector, MIDAS PR

Karin’s title of ‘Master Connector’ is a result of her vastly influential contact base and is certainly no overstatement. Karin boasts more than 15 years of experience in the lifestyle, travel, real estate, tech and luxury brand Public Relations industries.

With this international Public Relations proficiency, Karing Lohitnavy is one of the premier names in the Thai industry. She started MIDAS PR in 2007 after gathering ideas and honing her skills in Luxembourg, then refining her PR approach by working in Thailand.

What sets Karin apart is her local knowledge paired with a very international flair. Born in Belgium, she was educated in England, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Greece and France. Karin has a double degree in Social Sciences and Political Sciences from Strasbourg University. She is fluent in many languages.

It was these multi-cultural beginnings that allowed Karin to make powerful contacts along the way, connecting people with their counterparts and subsequently opening doors full of opportunities for her clients.

Karin arrived in Bangkok in 2004 because she felt Asia was going to be the new hot spot in terms of business, arts and economy. She dove head first into the big city, making strong networks, which then laid the foundation for her Thai PR success.  It was then that she realized there was a gap in the PR market in Thailand.

“I wanted to use all my overseas experience and translate it into the Thai and Asian markets. I had a vision of a forward thinking PR company who could provide clients with services that are definable and measurable. And I’m proud to say, that’s what Midas is.”

Far from the usual suspects of public relations agencies, Midas-PR has become a category of its own, with mirrored reflections of Karin’s sheer vivacity. With her intercontinental style, clairvoyance and knack for turning the unthinkable into reality, Karin sets the tone and agenda through her hot list of clients. As an active business networker in Bangkok and beyond, Karin is also a co-founder of the Bangkok Young Professionals Group.

Because of her passion for charity, Karin is proud to support the Bangkok Charity Orchestra, Together We Can Change The World Charitable Organization, Ban Oboun and Adventchores and continues to do tireless work to raise funds for children in need and other worthwhile causes.