davidsheltersDavid Shelters 

David possesses over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience as a founder, co-founder, board advisor and mentor to numerous tech start-ups in both America and Asia. He currently serves as Director of Startup Runway at C asean, a Thai-based not-for-profit organization with a mission to support entrepreneurship. His previous position was strategic advisor at MBMG Group, a leading corporate advisory firm.

David continues to be an active advocate and participant in the Thai start-up scene frequently participating as a key note speaker, moderator, panelist and pitch judge at local start-up events. Additionally, he has lectured on entrepreneurship and has advised entrepreneurial students at several of the leading university programs in Thailand. David has also been an active participant in start-up events throughout Southeast Asia. In 2013 David was selected to serve as a key note speaker and judge at the UN-Sponsored 2013 World Summit Awards held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He continues to be a WSA Eminent National Expert and following the competition he successfully petitioned to have Thailand join the WSA Nomination Process, serving on the first WSA Thailand Nominating Committee. Recently he served on the WSA global online jury for the 2015 competition. David has written extensively on advising tech start-ups.

In 2012 David founded Finance for Geeks, his first blog imparting strategic and financial advice to start-ups. In the same year David commenced conducting his popular Finance for Geeks workshop series, which he will soon resume as part of the Corporate Accelerator program he is organizing at C asean. Shortly thereafter his first book was published by John Wiley & Sons titled Start-Up Guide for the Technopreneur. In 2013 David co-founded Thailand Startup Review, a comprehensive blog covering the Thai start-up community. During the popular blog’s three year duration David composed and posted over 70 articles. In 2015 David’s second book, Bootstrapping Strategies for Tech Start-Ups, was published followed by his comprehensive online Thailand Startup Funding Report 2012-2015 at the beginning of 2016. David has also written numerous entrepreneurial related articles published in several of the leading local newspapers, business newsletters and regional online tech media outlets. David’s third book on the development of the Thai start-up community will soon be published and he plans to edit several full length works at C asean on entrepreneurial-related topics.