Cassandra Italia

Before Cassandra’s journey as a serial entrepreneur and founder of the start-up she initially began her career in forensic science, inspired by Clarice Starling from the movie Silence of the Lambs. She was destined to become a Crime Scene Investigator for the Australian Federal Police until she decided to take a backpacking trip around SE Asia alone, at 22 years of age.

It was during her travels in SE Asia that she discovered the booming 55 billion dollar a year medical tourism industry. She went back home and borrowed $10K from her parents to start up her first company, – a medical travel agency helping foreigners go abroad for medical treatment.

In 2013 she was offered $2M for 49% of her company under an acquisition by a well known Insurance company in Australia. The deal fell through and she became disenfranchised with the industry and instead started a nursing care company in Thailand called that provides care & assistance for medical tourists and expats in Thailand.

In 2015 she saw other medical tourism startups getting funded but was adamant they didn’t understand the market or fully get the business model and how to scale it. She started going to startup events to learn about tech and founded in June 2015 by digitising her knowledge and experience in the medical tourism industry.

In September 2015 she won Thailand’s top startup at the worlds largest startup competition, SeedStarsWorld and in November was the first startup to be accepted into Amadeus Next propelling traveltech startups. She is currently in the process of raising seedfunding for her startup before embarking on her next journey in Silicon Valley to join the world renowned 500accelerator to take her startup to the next level and make her adopted country proud, but most importantly other female startup founders.