Allison Morris, Project Hub Yangon

Allison is the Co-Founder of Project Hub Yangon, Myanmar’s first incubator for entrepreneurs, which has supported the launch of over 13 start-ups since its founding in 2012. Project Hub provides entrepreneurs with workshops, coaching, and the resources they need to build successful, sustainable businesses. In addition to leading Project Hub, Allison also launched a consulting business in 2012, which draws on her background in economic and social development and works with private and public sector organizations to solve problems in Myanmar.

Before relocating to Yangon, Allison was the Campus Director of Aidha, a Singaporean social enterprise providing financial literacy and entrepreneurship training to domestic workers, and was previously a consultant for the OECD and various NGOs. She holds a Masters in Public Affairs from Sciences Po, Paris and a Bachelors in International Studies from Emory University.