Abir Abdul Rahim

Abir Abdul Rahim
Co-Founder & Director, Asia Women Circle
Co-Founder & CEO, Lisa&A

“Never let anyone tell you what you cannot do, just because they can’t”

A First Class Honours degree holder in BSc Actuarial Science from Swansea University, Wales, Abir also owns a Masters Degree in Actuarial Management from CASS Business School, London which she then was one of the 12 recipients of the King Scholarship Award for her Masters.

Upon returning to Malaysia, she began her career at a leading Takaful Operator in Malaysia, Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad. With a few papers left to qualify as an actuary, Abir serves her current employer by managing the portfolios of Actuarial Pricing and Actuarial Project. Under the guidance of both the Appointed Actuary and the CEO of the company, she’s been assigned to oversee various projects that help boost the growth and market shares of the No 1 Takaful Operator in Malaysia. Alongside her tasks, she is heavily involved in the development of Insurance and Takaful Industry in the country, and an active member of the Institute Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA, UK).

Throughout her university days in the UK, she was part of the United Kingdom & Eire Council of Malaysian Students (UKEC) which she then held the position of National Treasurer during her final year. Now, she wishes to continue her contribution to nation building via championing women empowerment.

On that aim, along with Sarah Chen, Abir is now the Co-Founder and Director of Asia Women Circle (AWC); that drives “Lean In Malaysia”, a women-led non-profit organisation inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s (COO, Facebook) #leanin movement which harnesses the power of leadership and community to embolden women to achieve their full potential. The platform challenges the norm and raises the status of women in the society. In January 2016, Abir was named Regional Leader of Leanin.Org by Sheryl Sandberg.

On the quest of leaving a legacy through entrepreneurship, Abir is also the Co-Founder/CEO of Lisa&A, together with her partner Lisa Amani. Lisa&A is a Malaysia based fashion label that aspires to be a fashion leader for career women across the society with its exclusive range of executive wear.