We believe in the power of investing in women. Whether we are supporting women to scale up their businesses, advance in their careers, or become first time investors – giving women more voice and decision-making power is critical to building healthy businesses and sustainable economies.

Female founders face significant barriers in the investing ecosystem and continue to access only a small portion of total capital allocated to early-stage and growth-stage businesses. With over 1.7 million female SMEs across Southeast Asia’s key markets, there is an estimated need to provide at least USD 40 billion in expansion or working capital to over 150,000 women-owned businesses. We work to overcome gender biases in the investing world to give financing power to the right entrepreneurs.


Woman-owned SMEs: 1,533,000

Estimated Funding Gap: US $30 Bil


Woman-owned SMEs: 90,000

Estimated Funding Gap: US $1.8 Bil


Woman-owned SMEs: 40,000

Estimated Funding Gap: US $0.8 Bil


Woman-owned SMEs: 27,000

Estimated Funding Gap: US $0.5 Bil


Woman-owned SMEs: 110,000

Estimated Funding Gap: US $2.2 Bil

Similarly, women face multiple challenges in the workplace and continue to be under-represented in leadership and decision-making roles across all sectors. Gender issues are complex and often companies struggle to reconcile their business priorities with enhancing diversity & inclusion and effectively supporting their female employees.

We guide and support companies in this process to identify solutions that work for them, step by step. Advancing gender diversity requires a long-term commitment and we work with companies to set ambitious yet realistic goals.

We are committed to building an inclusive and robust ecosystem that supports and promotes the female economy