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If you are a Lean In enthusiast,  

are looking to meet other business women,

or are intrigued to find out more,  



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Connecting Founders is a Lean In partner. We are also part of Lean In Asia, a platform of 26 circles across the region.

We wholeheartedly support Lean In’s mission to empower women achieve their ambitions. 

As part of our commitment to promoting women’s leadership and building a more supportive community for women entrepreneurs and professionals, we founded Connecting Founders Lean In in early 2016. 


These are some of the topics we have discussed so far:

  • How to negotiate successfully
  • How to self-promote without being perceived as bragging
  • Managing difficult conversations at work
  • Power dynamics at work
  • How to deal with bring overlooked for a promotion  
  • What are your strengths and are you using them to your full potential?


Find out more about Lean In and access their exceptional library of women’s leadership videos and resources.