Sustainable Fashion in Southeast Asia Spins Lucrative Opportunity

Sustainable Fashion in SEA Spins Lucrative Opportunity: Just because secondhand is cheaper doesn’t mean the business opportunities are smaller By Anne Somanas Globally, the fashion industry accounts for 8-10% of global carbon emissions. The scale of damage to the environment is tremendous, but so is the opportunity for implementing circular economy models. Earlier this year, […]

Circular Models on the rise to curb Southeast Asia’s waste

Waste mismanagement accounts for about 5% of global #carbonemissions and is a major contributor to plastic pollution. Female founders are at the forefront of a shift towards more #sustainable solutions, launching and building companies based on #circulareconomy business models. Find here are a few examples from Southeast Asia.

The Emergence of Smart Cities in Southeast Asia

#ASEAN moves into the future by transforming its vibrant cities into #SmartCities. As #urbanization meets #digitalization , the regional bloc is integrating technologies into the local fabric to better city lifestyle and improve #wellbeing among citizens.

ESG Drives 2022

2021 has put the ESG business and investment on the center stage, prompting 2022 to shine spotlights on the industry and propel it forward.