Manila’s Vianca Añonuevo has two successful businesses to her name: interior design firm Empire Designs and furniture boutique Harver Hill, together with her two co-founders. Bold and determined, she advises fellow women entrepreneurs to dream big and work hard for it. “Begin with the end in mind and don’t be afraid to fail” “My two […]


Ollie is the founder and managing director of O-SPA International, a Thai social enterprise that makes premium natural skincare products for the whole family. Launched in 2012 in Bangkok, her company now exports throughout Southeast and East Asia and is looking at expanding to Europe, Latin America, and Southern Africa. Deeply committed to community development, […]


“I worked for a real estate company in 2008 and knew this was the direction I wanted to take. So I went back to school to get a master in real estate and then came back to Bangkok with the plan of building something of my own. But I didn’t start right away. I first […]


“I went to the US to study English and ended up learning fashion. I have always liked drawing since I was a little girl but had no idea what it takes to be a fashion designer, so I started out by taking a very short design course at Parson School of Design. I really liked […]


A former flight attendant, Khun Orn owns and leads April’s Bakery, a very successful and every growing business that sells 20,000 pies a day around Bangkok. Hers is a story of resilience, determination, and resourcefulness – how to keep doing what you love even if the odds look set against you. Her first business – […]


My co-founder comes from a development background and I was in the corporate sector. We both did a lot of volunteering work before and it got us thinking. Whenever there is a natural disaster or an emergency, people go out and fundraise and work really hard to support a cause that they care about. But […]


Ms. Sirithip (Praew) Sripaisal Sirithip is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of DA+PP, a fashion brand that creates vintage-inspired, limited-edition themed collections for Millennials. Launched in Bangkok 2011, DA+PP now exports to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. “I started my brand – DA+PP – 4 years ago. It’s part of the […]


Praew is the founder and managing director of FABRIC & VIVE, a one-stop integrated design company, specialized in architecture, interior design and 3D presentation. She focuses on the hospitality and F&B sectors and has designed some of Bangkok’s most stylish spots, such as Il Fumo. “I am a qualified architect and I have always been […]


“I started Olive 13 years ago because of my love for my country. I really wanted to create a Greek corner, bring Greece to the Thai people because there was nothing like that. There is no school; there is no church; there is not much to support the Greek community so I raise awareness through […]


“I used to work as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. About 3 years ago we had a retro-themed company party so I wore a big, puffy skirt. When we got to the restaurant, there were glass-encased candles on the walls but the flames were out. I was not careful enough and my skirt […]