Connecting Founders offers tailored financial advisory for entrepreneurs seeking to take their business to the next level. This might include raising capital, entering into strategic partnerships, or expanding regionally or internationally.

Getting trusted financial advice is particularly challenging for women and represents a critical market gap. Data shows that a surprisingly high percentage of women feel misunderstood by their financial and wealth management advisors. In the US, up to 70% of women change financial advisors within a year of losing their husbands.

Women who feel advisors misunderstand them

Sound financial strategy is fundamental to the successful execution of any founders’ vision for their business. For any plan to succeed, it must be aligned with current and future resources with a robust program to adapt to ever changing dynamics, both within and outside the business. As companies expand, planning, goal setting, and measurement of performance against these goals become even more crucial. This helps companies focus their efforts to reach the next level as efficiently as possible. Planning is ultimately about resource allocation and a sound financial strategy is the blueprint for any business to get where they are going.

For those businesses seeking to raise capital, Connecting Founders works with both entrepreneurs and funders to come up with optimal financing solutions that address the needs of small businesses while meeting the rigid requirements of investors. With business networks prolific in Asia, finding an entry point to female entrepreneurs has been made easier for investors. However, most capital is not being tailored to entrepreneurs’ needs. We address this gap in the market by providing first and foremost financing advice and education to entrepreneurs so they themselves are better equipped to negotiate with confidence the capital they require for their businesses to flourish. We also work closely with its investor network to tailor financing solutions that meet both sources requirements and recipient cashflow needs.

Our services range from monthly retainer engagements to provide essential financial advice, such as cash flow planning, cost-benefit analysis, to support in more complex tasks, such as generating business plans, optimizing capital structures, and financial structuring to agency representation in capital raising and strategic partnerships.

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