Introducing “Money & More”: Investment education series for entrepreneurs

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Introducing “Money & More”: Investment education series for entrepreneurs

With deep passion in #Finance bursting to share with the business community, Connecting Founders launches its  #Money&More series, uncovering the #knowhow from the world of #capitalstructuring #investment and #capitalraising

For new entrepreneurs with dreams and financial goals, entering the world of finance and investment can be daunting with looming questions made complicated by mystified financial discourse blurring the path for success. 

How can I really be sure my business is doing well? Should I raise capital to expand my business? How much is the value of my brand? Should I raise debt or sell equity? — these are questions frequently asked, but inadequately answered. 

With years working closely with small businesses, Connecting Founders has collected these FAQs with answers ready to share in its finance-focused educational series “Money & More”. 

Money & More

The Money & More series is designed to demystify the concept of Finance and provide businesses and entrepreneurs with financial lessons and practical strategies, adding ‘money-savvy’ to their recipe for success.

Presented by financial experts with 20 years in the field, participants are invited to dive deep into their hands-on passions in understanding  cashflow and learn how to use financial strategy to drive business growth. The intimate online courses have been insightfully structured covering topics including capital raising, budgeting, growth planning, structuring partnerships, and more. 

By addressing FAQs, the Money & More series cracks the codes of the conventionally difficult questions — how to increase company’s value? what does dilution really mean?why investors have certain questions?what is the real cost of capital? — that oftentimes overwhelm new entrepreneurs . 

Participants are encouraged to share their challenges and engage directly with the experts, bringing home the know-how on strategizing sound financial management and ready to raise capitals by bridging the language and knowledge gap between the entrepreneurs and investors. 

Female Founders in mind 

The Money & More program is tailored with female entrepreneurs in mind. As female founders, especially in Southeast Asia, face significant barriers in the investing ecosystem and continue to access only a tiny portion of total capital allocated to early-stage and growth-stage businesses – less than 1% of venture capital raised in 2020. 

Connecting Founders, a woman-led advisory firm representing female founders, believes in the power of investing in women. Giving women more voice by strengthening their financial capabilities is critical in building a healthy business ecosystem and sustainable economies. 

Awarded by UN Women as ‘Gender-Responsive Marketplace Champion’ for advancing gender equality in the Asia-Pacific region, Connecting Founders thrives to overcome gender biases in the investing world and give financing power to the right entrepreneurs. With over 150,000 women-owned businesses across Southeast Asia’s key market needing at least USD 40 billion in expansion or working capitals, Connecting Founders seeks to address a gap in the market for finance and capital advice for small businesses. 

Partnered with seven organizations with gender inclusivity principles, the Money & More series envisions to materialize a revenue-generating space for new entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, while advancing gender diversity across their business model and value chain to support sustainable long-term growth. 

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