Female Founders Raising Capital: Resilience is Vital

Vietnam-based EQUO Co. (Techstars ‘21) started off as a pandemic baby, as the global lockdown drove sales off the cliff leaving the business nearly out of money before it even kickstarted. But within 18 months, EQUO managed to go from 15,000 USD to 1.3 million USD in its #capitalraise The secret push is #Resilience

Female Founders Raising Capital: Finance is a Friend

From starting the business in a family garage to making it to the #Forbes30Under30 list, Suthasiny (Moh) Sudprasert is reinventing Thailand’s food supply chain by setting out Happy Grocers to be the country’s first sustainable and joyful grocery store.

Money & More: 7 Steps to Building Operating Budgets

From our #MoneyandMore series on #budgeting, we guide #businesses and #entrepreneurs through the concepts #budget and its power to reach your #financialgoal. Follow Michael C. Rabonza on the 7 steps to building operating budgets and learn what it takes to keep your business thriving.

Money & More: Understand Budgeting

Taking control of budgeting, Michael C. Rabonza said, helps businesses operationalize their intentions, and provide entrepreneurs with realistic views of their performance and opportunities for growth.