Program of Events – Series 2

The Series 2 is now complete. There are no Women in Business events at the moment. 



Event 1: Turning Your Idea into a Business

Inspiration has struck and you feel you have a great business idea. But how do you turn this idea into a reality and transform it into a sustainable company? This session will discuss the essential steps you need to take to turn an idea into a business with three female founders that bring their own experience setting up and managing businesses.


Event 2: Creating a Brand & the Art of Storytelling

Each brand has its own DNA, its own story that makes it unique and that reflects its core values. Storytelling makes brands and products easier to relate to and these stories are often what push us to choose a brand over another. Crafting the right story and communicating it clearly and consistently with customers, employees, partners, and investors is key to attracting and retaining our audience. Learn how to craft your story and deliver it to your audience.

Event 3:  Marketing for Start-ups

Everyone needs to do marketing but as a startup, you are probably strapped for cash and crunched for time. This session is meant to walk you through the options of marketing on a shoe-string, through the experience of fellow entrepreneurs and the expert advice of marketing and PR specialist. We’ll discuss both digital marketing (websites, social media, online videos, emails, blogs or apps) as well as traditional marketing (print ads, TV or radio commercials, billboards, or direct mail). We’ll cover costs, customer engagement, how to measure or monetize PR value, and we’ll share real examples of successful strategies used by other small businesses.


Event 4: Building a Team

Based on popular demand, we bring back again the topic of attracting and retaining talent, which we had also covered in the first series. Pretty much no one possesses all the skills to run a startup successfully so building a strong team is critical to growing your company. This session focuses on how small businesses and startups, with limited resources and less-known brands, can find highly skilled individuals aligned with your vision, goals, and work ethic.

Event 5: Becoming a Social Entrepreneur in Asia

What does social enterprise really mean? And how is social entrepreneurship in Asia different than in the rest of the world? Social enterprises, or companies that “Do well while doing good” are on the rise in Asia. They are businesses that have a strong social mission, typically trying to address a problem that will improve living standards in their communities, while functioning like a regular business. New legal frameworks are being put in place to deal with this type of company and some investors and support programs are specifically focused on social enterprises. Starting from a review of key data and trends based on GEM’s 2015 Social Entrepreneurship report, we’ll discuss the social entrepreneurship landscape through the real life experiences of two social entrepreneurs.

Event 6: Raising Capital

Growing a business requires capital and here we discuss how to fund your dream idea, which fundraising options to consider, and the pros and cons of each – bootstrapping, borrowing from friends and family, bank borrowing, angel investors, crowdfunding. What type of fundraising is best for your business? There are so many factors to consider — from the stage of your business to how much it will cost you to get funded – so come and listen to those that have already gone through it.


Event 7: Pitching to Investors

You have decided that raising funds from investors is the best option for your business. Now you need to get ready for it. How do you appeal to an investor? How do you connect at an emotional, rational, and financial level? In this workshop you will learn how to structure and deliver a successful pitch from seasoned investors and entrepreneurs.


Event 8: The Art of Negotiating

Most things involve some level of negotiation – a new partnership, raising funds, expanding your staff – and knowing how to negotiate is an invaluable asset. It’s said that negotiation is 10% personality and 90% preparation. Here we will focus on equipping you with that 90% through tips and strategies on how to become a skillfull negotiator.


Event 9: Exporting 101

What are the steps to consider before selling your products outside of Thailand? How do you find the right distributor that understands your products and is genuinely committed to help you grow in a foreign market? This session will give you concrete tips on where to start and what to pay attention to in the exporting process based on lessons learned from exporting women entrepreneurs.


Event 10: Sistercode

The final session of the Women in Business 2nd series was dedicated to celebrate the launch of Sistercode, a digital platform to share information on women’s groups and networks in the region. In collaboration with Orami and other women’s networks in Thailand, the event was a joint celebration of the growth of women-supporting-women groups throughout Southeast Asia – a goal of the Women in Business series since the beginning.


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