Amplifying Your Voice


    Ever been in a situation where you feel people don’t hear a word you say? The right message needs the right delivery to come across effectively but determining the most appropriate way to do so can be tricky in cross-cultural environments. This workshop focuses on what to do to make sure your voice is heard. We’ll address the following points:

    Being overlooked in work meetings
    Why is it that sometimes people don’t hear us?
    How to make sure your voice is heard and you get the recognition you deserve?

    Skills You’ll Learn

    • Take adversity out of communicating effectively;
    • Avoid words and phrases that reduce your credibility;
    • Gain credibility and feel comfortable in mixing both direct and indirect forms of speech; Gain awareness of the importance of rhetoric and elevate your executive presence;
    • Identify gender socialisation and linguistic differences in the workplace.


      • Individual Reflection
      • Group Social Networking
      • Mini Breakout groups
      • Videos
      • Mini Lecture

    Each participant will receive a summary key take-aways and a list of resources (videos, articles, books) to consult for further reading. The workshop requires brief preparatory work.

Tickets are THB 3100/each and registration is mandatory. Please send an email to to register.


  • Kate Jackson (Lead Trainer)

    Kate is an Institute of Leadership & Management accredited training provider and the Director, Lead Consultant and Trainer at Andragogy, a company she founded on the principles of adult learning and for the long-life learning sector.

    Kate has both proven corporate and social development experience. By linking her professional and personal passions she went on to work for KPMG Thailand, Pfizer and Centara Hotel & Resorts, before gaining clients such as Colgate Palmolive, Jaymart & David Yurman amongst others and she is a guest lecturer at Leeds University UK. Kate continues to disrupt the training & Learning & Development field with passion and energy, and most recently has been selected by Airbus to be their Asia Pacific regional training partner. She provides certified Train the Trainer courses and she analyses, designs and facilitates communications training; business English programs, customer service workshops, and leadership & communications coaching for a variety of clients across Asia, from MNCs through to small SMEs, from illiterate learners through to C-suite. Kate has been based in Thailand for 16 years and holds a BA Hons in Youth Work & Non-formal Education, Masters in Education, DTLLLS (Diploma in Teaching in Long-life Learning Sector, UK).

  • Caterina Meloni (Co-trainer)

    Caterina brings 15 years of international experience working for private sector and development finance institutions on women’s economic empowerment, inclusive finance, and entrepreneurship development. She has worked for leading funders, such as the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, DFID, as well as development consultancies to implement projects on the ground. From microfinance and then SME finance, she found her niche and passion as she began focusing on gender finance and women-owned SMEs in 2008.

    In 2015 she founded Connecting Founders, a Bangkok-based organization focused on supporting and promoting women-owned businesses in Southeast Asia. As part of this work, she launched and runs the Women in Business Southeast Asia series, a business platform that provides learning and networking opportunities for young women entrepreneurs and professionals through training and mentoring by accomplished founders and businesswomen.

    Follow her work on

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